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His Driver's License states that he is 28, even though he looks much younger. Ask him why this is and he'll say it's because he got good genes/born under the right sign.

He doesn't look anything like Tyler Marlocke. If anything it's strange how he tends to move and act in a way that's completely different from the boy. The only thing similar is a tendency to make 'the puppy face'.

He's completed his bachelors of History Education, with a minor in metahuman history. Beauford was supposed to be a teaching assistant to a college in Seattle, but the job fell through after a few months.

Beauford subscribes to Armchair Detective, True Crime and the True Hero News magazines.

The reason he's such a good cook is because through the latter part of highschool and college, he earned much of his income working in a restaurant/banquet hall. Bridezillas are the reason he has sworn never to take up another professional cooking job again. Not unless the pay gets doubled.

He is fit, active, and very shy on showing off his body, due to a number of scars. The only reason he gets away with covering himself up to the wrists as a bartender in Q5-7 is that he wears skin-tight thin shirts and mixes VERY good drinks.

========That is all on Beauford Tannen=========

This is all about Tyler Marlocke as an adult.

YES. He is Moon Shadow and Beauford Tannen, but seeing as he's trying to keep his identities a secret AND he stuck time-running back into his own childhood, he will NEVER admit to being either. He will also mentally blacklist and avoid anyone who seems determined to uncover either identity. It's like witness protection.

At this point in his life, he's earned no less than five doctorates in engineering, history, criminal psychology, pharmaceuticals and metahuman law (including passing the Bar exam). If he isn't on a case, he's studying, even while on monitor duty.

He is still terrified of getting superpowers, though now it tends to skip the pants-wetting-terror and go straight to the 'you have angered the paladin knight of OHGODWHAT, prepare to face justice'.

Calling him powerless as Moon Shadow is a great way to both amuse him and piss him off at the same time.

Tyler hides because he knows his parents haven't given up looking for him to join the family.
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At any given time in Milliways, Tyler's backpack will contain the following.

Multi-use Arm-mounted grappling unit: This is always in Tyler's backpack and has about 250 yards of high-tensile defendium alloy thin cable inside of the spool and winch. It comes with 3 settings. The cable and winch are capable of being used to lift up cars.

Regular shoot, grapple and pull: 1-2 clicks, works like your usual point, shoot, click and pull.

Tazer (also known as Dance, Monkey, Dance!): 3 clicks to switch in and out of. Activates a breif charge in the cable line that electricutes the target when the probe comes into contact. use the shoot and grapple to send the charges.

Electro-magnet: both the unit itself and the aforementioned taser probe become powerful electro magnets. According to canon, able to hold onto a car and a helicopter at the same time. pressure-grip switch. you don't want to accidentally activate this sucker

1 Daffy Putty Egg and Controller: A nano-controlled high-tensile strength flexible putty that can be programmed into several settings. The ones Angie programmed are as follows.
1. Containment
2. tanglefoot
3. airbag (here, we know that Ecto and Ray Stantz are capable of programming pseudo-shoggoths from the stuff)
4. Annoy the bearded man
5. Putty fiends


Revenant Communicator - With this, in his native continuum, Tyler has a straight line to page his tutor to ask those really tough questions. If outside of Time and Space, it broadcasts to his future-self's comm line. Present!Tyler doesn't know this, Future!Tyler finds it amusing. In other people's continuum it can be dialed into whatever radio frequency works for the people he's working with.

Garion's Medallion: A Gift from Garion, Tyler can use this to travel to his world whenever the little guy wants. Like all of the other Sorceror-made Medallions of Garion's world it comes with a special ability. Tyler's is cloaking, the art of fooling the minds and eyes of other people into thinking he's not there. This ability activates when the little kid is scared. Really scared.

Training Saber: A gift from Ray Stantz, with a synthetic crystal (red glow here), sounds and looks like a real saber, does not cut through very much at all, but stings like a goddamn bastard when it hits and can deflect objects just as well as a real lightsaber.

Power Ranger Armor: A christmas gift from Dr. Tommy Oliver, this stuff ensures the tyke won't end up jelly-spread on the sidewalk. It can absorb most energy attacks along with physical punches. It has the handy ability of keeping Tyler's bodily functions suspended, IF it's activated properly with the keychain.
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He's fifteen years later along the timeline for Tyler. This does not include time spent in other worlds.

He is currently going by Beauford Tannen in his current identity, and when in plainclothes he will only respond to this name in Bar.

He will always wear long sleeved clothes, even in summer. One does NOT work vigilante and not collect odd scars.

Beyond that he isn't saying anything about his gear.

"Don't tell anyone how your 'powers' work."
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It took a little bit of bribing amid the waitrats and kitchen staff to arrange for four hours of uninterrupted time. Half an hour of that was spent checking over the entire kitchen for listening devices, scrying spells or astral anchors. Once that was done, everything was about getting all the bits and bobs for teaching someone cooking basics out and at the ready. Spices were arranged, the espresso machine was warmed and primed. Coffer of various types was set out in jars, ranging from the dreaded SANKA to Civet Cat to the special blend that the people on Security drank (It was always nice to have a coffee that doubled as a liquid to exorcise ghosts, spells and what not).

For what's he's worth, Beauford is standing calmly next to one of the polished steel prep tables of the kitchen, wearing a battered plain denim apron that may have a few char marks at the shoulder. At least that's how things appear to Quentin when the young man shows up at for lessons.
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In all things, Tyler Marlocke is an agent who appears to be completely ordinary in every single way. His family is anything but, given that his parents were...unusually gifted. It was kept quiet for the most part and they were very obedient citizens, but....they never should have been allowed to raise a child. His parents never could quite take it that their only son was not as 'talented' as they were, but they couldn't be more wrong. He was very intelligent, picking up on things that they never noticed.

Like the surveillance. There was some consternation the first time the 10 year old ended up completely catching one agent by surprise and asking him very politely if he'd play go-fish with Tyler while his parents were busy. That got their attention. For six years he was the prime example of the nearly best of class, and out of class... he was getting help and counselling.

Then he filed for emancipated minor status from his parents and faded into various learning institutions for a while. After all, you don't find many people who can look an alien in the eye and not so much as bat an eyelash.

He's got an apartment in New York, rarely used.
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Being an unpowered super-hero raises a certain level of paranoia, and Beauford is no exemption from this trope. It's a twisting path to get to 328, buried as it amid the rooms of Milliways. If he weren't certain enough of Quentin's loyalty to his word, this wouldn't even be happening.

The main room itself is clear of all furniture, and looks more like a gym that someone took to the extreme survivalist prepartion symposium. There's a few weapons displayed in cases embedded in the walls.

Hopefully, someone's going to learn from this. "What was the last weapon someone came at you with? We'll start there and work around it."
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It was sort of inevitable that Dinah would get a shift at monitor duty during his stay, there really wasn't any way around that. More to the point, Beauford mused as he headed back inside after having seen Dinah off, he had the apartment mostly to himself. Certainly Dinah Snr. would be watching the store, and no one had touched the two gallon buckets of vanilla ice cream that he'd picked up the first day and shoved into the back of the freezer.

And the look on Dinah's face when he'd said he would use today for nothing but desserts was priceless. Completely and utterly priceless. He began by washing up the counters to sterile-quality clean and preheating the oven for the first run of desserts, the ice cream sandwiches. There was a simple sort of plan, easily interchanged at several parts for any sort of last minute alterations he might want or need to make. The batter could be changed from chocolate to true peanut butter cookies, or he could crush the bag of oreos and mix it into the ice cream for a certain addict on base.

Actually the thought of mixing in some peanuts and caramel to the ice cream sandwiches was an appealing one as he pulled the two buckets out of the freezer to stick them in what little free space was left inside of the fridge to soften slowly. Eggs, butter, and milk were removed to make more space, after all, he'd be using those up today so they wouldn't go bad when he left. Hooking up his mp3-player into the sound system, the real busy work in the kitchen started up to the tunes of a randomized, but carefully content selected playlist of rock and triphop. By the time he'd gotten through the Nerd Corps album, five trays of chocolate cake batter 'cookies' were getting put slowly into the oven to bake. Butter and brown sugar went into a hot hot non-stick pan to bubble, melt, burn and turn into smoky rich caramel just before the timer dinged on the first batch of cake 'cookies'.

Lifting the parchment from the first tray, he began lifting the cookies to cool on racks so he could quickly reuse the sheets for more. The next batch of chocolate chip cookies took up enough of his attention that when he looked up after having put them into the ovens, something seemed off. He frowned counting over the racks of chocolate cake cookies, they were only now reaching that stage of being just cooled off enough to pick up, but not to use for the sandwiches. Beauford had been fairly certain that there'd been eight more cookies on that far rack when he'd started the chocolate chip cookies, but there was a grouping missing there now.

He shook his head and wondered if he'd had enough coffee this morning, it always took mental adjusting to spend time in another universe. It was possible that he'd simply miscounted when he'd poured out the batter earlier. For a moment, while chopping up the mint and tarragon for the fruit and herb popsicles, he pondered the possibility of Dinah Snr. having snuck upstairs to snag a few of the cookies. Just as quickly he dismissed that thought, the elder of the two Lance women was many things, but she had manners and would have asked if he could spare a few for her. It was her kitchen he was borrowing right now, after all, and he would've gladly spared a few for her. The finely minced mint went into a large ceramic bowl while the tarragon went into a large jug with sugar in the bottom.

With a heavy -thock!- the cleaver sank into the large watermelon he'd asked to get yesterday, and started splitting it into first two, then into quarters, and then slices on the cutting board. Good, the flesh inside was a perfect dark pink, now he'd just have to find that strainer before he started using the food processor to blend it all. Digging through one of the lower cupboards, he found it'd strayed a little from where he'd put it after washing dishes his first night. Beauford straightened up and turned back to start cutting the watermelon into smaller chunks when he frowned, once again, with the feeling that something was off.

The five-minute warning from the oven reminded him that he didn't have time to dally trying to figure out what was wrong with the picture right now. The first batch of cookies were cooled off enough to come off the racks into a container, before he had to hustle all the trays of chocolate chip cookies out to cool. Grabbing a can of limeade concentrate from the fridge, he poured half of it into the food processor and started cutting in the chunks of dark pink watermelon, tossing the rinds into the compost pail he'd started with the egg shells from the cake batter. The whirr of the machine drowned out the music some as he pressed the puree button and poured the rest of the limeade into the jug with the tarragon. A light breeze turned into a mild gust into the kitchen, bringing a welcome cool after all the baking and rustling the used parchment paper in the trashcan.

Placing the strainer over the bowl with the mint, Beauford poured out the pureed watermelon to let all of the liquids drain and mingle with the aromatic herb. The can of cherry juice concentrate came out of the freezer as well, if he'd been in Milliways, Beauford would have taken the time to pit a gallon of cherries to mix into this batch, however he didn't have that sort of temporal luxury here. It also seemed to reason that he'd spent three out of five prior days here cooking, so the privilege of being just a teeny bit lazy with his cooking was allowed. That went into the jug with the herbs and limeade concentrate before getting water added until it reached just the right level of tart-sweet flavor. Breaking out the plastic popsicle molds, he started separating the trays into two groups. With three trays of eight to each flavor that ought to be enough to hold the sweet tooth of someone who wanted something sensible to snack on. Pouring the cherry-tarragon-limeade into the molds, he wondered as it seemed yet again there were less cookies present than before. This time the chocolate chip cookies had the look of something thinning their ranks.

"This is getting to be a pattern.." Beauford murmured to no one in particular, though the words were drowned out by a particularly loud burst of bass and drums from the sound system. "I turn my back and stuff goes missing."

The watermelon popsicle fluid only needed a little more sugar before that too went into the molds and into the freezer to set. He wiped everything down again and set the sullied dishes into the sink with a little soapy hot water to soak for a bit. A little effort now saved a headache later, when he'd have to scrub batter off of the mixing bowl.

Crushing the oreos for the ice cream cookie only took pouring them into a ziplock baggie and then pushing a rolling pin over them to break them into smaller-than-bitesize chunks. That got poured out into a clean cake pan before Beauford pulled out the now soft-enough to shape, vanilla ice cream. With the ice cream to his right, the oreo pieces in the pan in front of him, and the container of chocolate cake 'cookies' just behind that, he got set for making the first run of ice cream sandwiches. Working as quickly as he could humanely go, one hefty scoop of vanilla was pressed between two pieces of cake 'cookie' and then had the edges rolled in crushed oreo pieces before going on a slim tray lined with waxed parchment paper. When a tray filled he rushed it into the freezer and started again until he had just a half-dozen scoops left in the container and no cake cookies left.

Beauford paused for a moment as another gust of breeze came through into the kitchen and he glanced at the caramel he'd made earlier, which was thickening up. He grabbed a spoon to take just a quick taste of the caramel. It needed something to go with it in the ice cream, it was sweet, but it needed a salty counter point. There was creamy peanut butter in the cupboard, scooping out a cupful of it into a pyrex measuring cup, he let it heat and liquify in the microwave before blending it with the ice cream and caramel, scooping from the second softened gallon container into the first. The same process repeated as with the last batch, save that these got rolled in M&Ms before getting put onto their sheets.

The breeze from the open windows gusted again with a low woosh and Beauford happened to glance at the tray just as he was about to put another ice cream sandwich on it. There was definitely an ice cream sandwich missing from this tray. Twisting to the side, he bent to see if it had fallen off onto the floor, but there was no such sign of any mess. Just a lot of dirt and grit on the kitchen linoleum. He'd have to give this place a thorough cleaning, it just didn't do to leave your cooking space a mess after you finished, even the floor ought to be mopped.

Straightening back up, Beauford went to finishing up the ice cream sandwiches. If he hurried he could probably get two trays done at a time, and get them both in before any more made a disappearing act. This time, on a hunch, he kept a watch on the apartment door and the window from the corner of his eye as he worked. This time with the gust of wind he just caught what he thought was a red blur in the apartment for just a fraction of a second. He held still a moment and slowly looked towards the tray of ice cream sandwiches...sure enough, another was missing.

Finishing off the mixed caramel and peanut butter ice cream filled sandwiches, this time, there were extra cookies left. With a little creative arranging he managed to fit what was left of the ice cream back into the freezer, but only just. Beauford grabbed what was left of the peanut butter jar and slathered it onto one of the dozen cookies left over. Pressing that into the M&Ms he then gave it a generous dollop of the caramel before setting it into the leftover oreo cookie crumbs and then squishing an odd cake cookie on top. He set the concoction onto a plate and dug fifteen dollars from his wallet, before setting up a note next to the treat and the cash.

To whomever has been stealing desserts from under my nose,
Would you be so kind as to pick up some supplies for me? Here's a list and what I hope will be enough cash to pay for the pie crusts and fruit.

PS: Dinah, don't ask your teammates to snitch the desserts for you. I want some of them to be a surprise.

"Well I'm sure you're near, and I can almost smell you but the winds are up at the walls again. I can hear you coming, Heaven helped you coming I believe in heaven it's a wait away.." Singing to himself, Beauford gathered up what was left of the cookies and headed downstairs into the shop to knock at the door-frame behind Dinah Snr., so he wouldn't startle her too much when he set the plate next to her elbow. He smiled as she looked up at the plate of cookies and smiled, nodding quietly and nodding to the phone she was currently holding to her ear. He held up his hands and nodded in reply, gesturing to a free chair to sit in. He hummed, just so softly under his breath, waiting and listening to both Dinah Snr. and the walls around him.

Would you whine in water, Pull your chips back in, So you crawl like a crab across Black Fries Bridge. Suffer none to fade, Hit the homeward road I'm a bowling green, A delivery boy,

It didn't take long for the elder Lance to hang up the phone and raise an eyebrow at him, before smiling and picking up one of the cookies.

"Just taking a break, Mrs. Lance." Leaning back in the chair and sighing contentedly, Beauford flashed her a grin. He was tapping soundlessly to the tune he had sung on the way down, keeping time.

"Just a break?" As Mrs. Lance asked the question there was another rush of wind.

"Well, I'm hoping for a nice surprise when I walk back up there." Beauford smiled, eyes alight with just a hint of mischief. If he was wrong about the cookies, he was wrong, but if he was right on his hunch... "Any rate, just needed a minute or two to clear my head with some fresh air."

"Is that what we're calling it these days?" It was obvious she hadn't missed those noises either.

Have a heart that skips a beat, Oh come on, Roll along for free,In the middle of the morning, Swap your drinking nights with me, With me...cold bread, cold bread, we had..

"Shhh, if I'm very quiet and polite, maybe the speedster fairy will see fit to resupply me for another dessert."

There was definitely an imp grin on his face now as he started singing that song softly from his headphones, as if he didn't have much of a care in the world right now. It wasn't especially grand, for singing, but he had a decent tenor voice, and he tapped his foot and nodded his head to the rolling beat.

~"I can live with dying, I can chew my bit, Play panic to my senses, And hijack my head..

It's the rhythm of moving, And a rolling and a rattle. Its a giving instead; It's a well sprung bed.

We can roll around forever.
We can pray for all we've been.
We can knock it hell for leather.
We can call it all a dream.
All a dream.

Coooold breaaad, Coooold breaaad,
We had....

Coooold breaaad, Coooold breaaad,
We had...."~

The last two dozen words came out as a breathy prayer almost, softly as the list took it's time to select another track to shuffle.


He glanced over at Dinah Snr. and her response to that little obvious obliviousness for the benefit of that last rush of wind that'd come through. She had an eyebrow raised, he wasn't fooling her at least, in that he was old hand at this superhero game. But there were a certain set of unspoken rules, to people in the game at least. If someone didn't come out and say it, they had some good reasons for being that way.

"Isn't it just?" He lit up as the next song came on and eased up out of his chair grinning, nearly laughing, as if the world had just gifted him sort of epiphany. "I'd better get up and clean up though. Enjoy the cookies, Mrs. Lance."

"Don't wear yourself out, young man."

"I won't, I've got enough scars to know I'm not invulnerable." He bowed to her again and twisted, twirling to hop up the steps singing again..

~"Guuuummed up, brain dead and can't decide, you can't pray enough, you can't hiiide
You can be cool or you can cryyyy... Do it wrong, Not it all Or do it right."~

He swang in his steps back up the stairs to the apartment, a sashay onto each step up, and swaying into the apartment singing.

"No one owes you, no onnnne's to blame, save for bad genes or DNAAAAAA.. Ask your conscience the... why and HOW, do it then, do it when, or do it NOW!"

There sitting on the kitchen counter were two bags of pink lady apples, four pints of raspberries and several premade piecrusts, some in pans, some waiting to be rolled out.

"WHAAAAAAHT'S UP! What's up, sweet caaaakes....WHO'S HIP, who's hip, aneeeeWAAAAAaaaAAAY, oh!
EARTH GIRLS, earth girls, are easy....."

Beauford rolled his shoulders and cracked out all the knuckles in his hands in a motion, suppressing the urge to cackle. Today was turning out to be a very good day for tarts and pies.

What you gonna do lil' buckaroo? Hey you, you better ask her nice! All you gotta do, happy fool, is ask your mom...

[Songs Credit: Cold Bread By Johnny Flynn, and Ask DNA by Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts
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It's morning. Actually to clarify things, it's morning in Gotham City, set in the apartment of Dinahs Lance, Snr. and Jnr. There might be birds outside, or that low soft whistling might be the house guest, having found some eggs to fry up for breakfast, while the morning wake-up aroma of fresh coffee spreads through the apartment.

Despite the very late and unsociable hours of conciousness last night, their house guest found himself rising with the dawn as per certain habits. Namely those of 'getting people fed' and not becoming the recipient of the ice-water wake up call.
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As Tyler jogs in from his practice outside, he glances around the bar room proper to try and spot Charles for his next lesson. Seeing however, as it is evening for the Bar and the dinner crowd is making it difficult to spot anyone. Even standing up on rafter above the crowd isn't helping, and really, he's looking forward to this lesson.

Less likely to get him blown up, or grant superpowers, after all.

So then, it comes down to how best to get his teacher's attention in a crowd...without alerting the rest of Milliways.

Scooones, SCOOOOoones, Scones, Scones, Scones, Crumbly buttery scoooooooOOOOOOoones, sung inside of his head.
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Ever since Leena put her foot down that Tyler was to stay at the B&B and rest, Tyler has had the best night's sleep in nearly a week, with a full stomach and no nightmares. Not even a single flutter of the dream of endlessly falling through purple space. And that's how he spends the next day as well, and the day after that, just eating, sleeping and sometimes heading into the yard to 'play jedi' for an hour or two.

It feels too weird to NOT practice sword forms everyday really.

And that's what happens when Claudia leaves for Eureka early the following morning, leaving Tyler a note saying she'd be back to help him get things straight soon. Just for the day, and honestly, he's okay with that.

There's no hurry to this. The adults pretty much leave him be so long as he's neat, polite, and doesn't ask questions. Which is also pretty okay with him, because he's pretty sure he caught Leena giving him a very thoughtful look this morning.

And there's the fact that he's gotten loads better at sneaking up and listening to things so he doesn't have to ask as many questions. The medallion Garion gave him really helped with that.

It doesn't help the sinking pit in Tyler's stomach when Artie calls Leena to ask her to come down to the Warehouse to help look for Claudia.

"She ought to have been back a few hours ago."

And that's all tyler needs to hear before he creeps away thinking about the portal that randomly spawned from Milliways that brought him here. It's enough to distract him from the fact that he's entering a bathroom while thinking about Milliways before his foot fails to make contact with the tiled floor.


This time he only yelps quietly before falling in with the door shutting behind him.
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The great and terrible things come together with a tiny thought which is quite often a question.

How can I help save the world?

When that question gets it's first answer, it turns out to be another question layered on top of it.

What am I saving the world from?

Then another question on top of that. And then another, and another as some questions need multiple answers that are also questions. By the time it is half-way formed the great and terrible thing is no longer a single question, but a pearl of the concept.

What should I use to drive them back?

And this pearl becomes the focus of a single idea. One that leaves a gadget hero pouring his nights into research. He was once the child of heroes, later the somewhat adopted son of a great inventor and good man, and the pupil of his world's greatest equalizing force. He just has his hands and his mind to work with when it gets down to it.

How does this work?

It took months before he realized that the parts he needed weren't in the Bar itself. There were worlds he had to visit to find suitable replacement parts, and a lot of very scared people before he found them. He'd owe favors to them later. But there were two parts he wouldn't be able to fully replace. Only temporarily replicate.

How do I power this thing?

Maybe it's no surprise to anyone back home that when he's there, he's looking for a specific type of psychokinetic resonating stone. It doesn't surprise him when it comes in the form of a jade dragon when he finally finds it. Though perhaps the real surprise came when the antique dealer nodded to Moon Shadow just as solemnly as he said. "I will accept a favor from you, in exchange for this. He follows your heart in these matters, and I will not stand in his way."

How do I control it?

And now that pearl of questions has begun it's final steps to becoming a great and terrible thing. There were just a few things left now. Surprisingly enough, the last piece he needed was the one thing he had all along from the start, from the original pilot. He had to step back in surprise when he realized that, looking up at the face, big as a house, and that being just the head.

He's got to go through about eight more checks of everything before finally getting into the pilot's seat, the replica dagger in one hand. Everything is in the green when the overhead passage to the chamber, and the door in the head shut and seal. It's another breath before he raises the flute piece of the dagger to his lips and plays the notes to start this beast up. There's a lurch that almost scares him out of his seat before he realizes that the lights outside have come on...and the entire thing is sinking down into the water.

The last question isn't even really a question at this point, even though it finishes this great and terrible thing..this force out entirely. There's always that look of surprise on some villains faces when they realize just what he was, after they've found all he's done to them. It surprises him sometimes too, but only one person may ever hear him confess to that.

How far will I go?

The drop through the water is fast enough before the controls start heading and everything works as it needs to. The jade dragon is almost growling, probably is, more in excitement than anything else. There's just the water to pass through now..and a lake to exit from.

The answer was and will always be, as far as I need to go.
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For Twilight Sparkle, Merry Christmas and happy winter holidays. A wrapped book Human Magic Practices For The Novice, by P. Leyfette and a little bundle of warm cinnamon-smelling incense.

For Claudia Donovan, a copy of his plans for the basic grappling gauntlet.

For Kanaya, four yards of good deep jade green kimono fabric and two books, one a fashion guide of dresses from the 1800's, the other a 2007 recent edition of human fashions. With an origami butterfly card on top wishing happy holidays

For Nepeta, a set of colored pastels and several books of drawing paper, with an origami lion card wishing happy holidays

For Karkat, a little box diarama of a family of origami crabs.

For Enzo, there's an origami ghost and a few choice trade paperbacks from Tyler's world for his favorite comic books.

For Ultimate Ben Grimm there's a nice old stack of comicbooks from Tyler's world

For 616 Ben Grim, a few origami peace cranes and a jar of origami wishing stars.

For Atomic Robo, a burnt mp3 cd of all the cheesy scifi radio shows Tyler could find and download from Ray's world.

For Rachel...two origami birds, and a 100 gift certificate to Macy's, with a not saying she can order through the bar.

For Ellen, there's a box of 64 high-energy nutrient meal bars and water purification tablets.

For Adrian Shephard, there's a good sturdy jack knife with two blades, a fish scaler and a saw.

For Zaknaifen, there's a box of high quality godiva chocolate and a nice tooled leather belt.

For Lucas, lots of comic books, and some high energy meal bars and emu jerky.
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It's a couple of weeks before Tyler finds himself with the time and the free passage to find the Professor of the flying classes. Between avoiding Charles, pranking same said bully and working extra hard for Potions... Well there's only so much time someone gets really.

Not that it's stopping the boy from knocking on the door of the Professor Kale's office.

"Professor...are you in?"
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Christmas is fast approaching, at least in Milliways. It doesn't take much to notice how the backyard area is getting colder and occasinally getting a thin sheet of snow. And this year, Tyler's not sure if he's going to get another good holiday vacation with Uncle Ray...

So there's no time like the present to write up that wishlist to Santa Claus/Father Christmas/Saint Nick/What have you...

Dear Father Christmas.

I've been very good this year, even if my parents aren't exactly happy about me not having developed superpowers. I've been working really hard on all of my grades, even if the social studies teacher hates me. I don't know if I'm going to get to spend the holidays with Uncle Ray again this year, if you could work that out, i'd really appreciate it.

...If that doesn't work, could I please get a blue three-speed bike in my size, and some protective padding for riding on the bike? I already asked mom and dad but they're talking about rocket packs and flying skateboard thingies. Since it's technically my birthday coming up back in the home universe... I'd really just like a plain regular bicycle, so I can learn how to do more stuff for myself.

Thank you for reading this letter, I'll try to leave you some cinnamon snickerdoodles and hot cocoa Christmas eve.


Tyler Marlocke

PS: Winston would like more Emu Jerky, and if you could get Toby something that'd help me think things out for himself that'd be AWESOME.
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If they're dreamers, they want bouncy castles and pony rides and giant tigers.

If they're the children of superheroes, oddly enough they still want those things, but you can't find a good pony that resists nuclear radiation as Tyler's learned. So, in the interest of keeping things simple and within his budget, a party has come together in the backyard of the house of one Augustus Fenwick.

Inside, there's plenty of soda in the fridge, and bowls of chips, dips, crackers, pretzels and ofcourse candy and little paper favor bags. The coffee table between the couch and TV already has one large present wrapped in brown paper (decorated with green watercolor cats) and an absolutely HUGE box wrapped in a myriad of wrapping papers next to it.

Outside in the fenced backyard is a good sized stick, branch and log structure, waiting to be set on fire as soon as the sun really starts to set, and that isn't that far off as the afternoon sunlight reveals. There's a kid in a black trenchcoat that looks about eight sizes too big poking about said structure as Tyler holds open the door for the guests. And decorating the walls, counter top are little decorated brown-paper flags saying 'Happy Birthday Nepeta!" in green letters.
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"You're getting to host the party?" The excitement in Cecil's voice was palpalble. "An extradimensional birthday party??"

"...dude, not like that trip with Malphast but yes." Tyler shook his head, it was almost regrettable telling his best friend now, but he couldn't NOT tell him.

"How come I don't get to have stuff like this?"

"....Cecil, come on, could you focus, there's still stuff to be done for the party and I need your help."

"...Fine, what is it?" Cecil flopped back into his bed, to look up at the ceiling of his new bedroom. "Mom wants me out of the house anyways."

"...think you could go around seeing if people want sticks and stuff picked up out of their yard?"


"It's going to be a night time cook-out, and we're going to need firewood."

"But you could just buy some...right, I mean we've got that expense account."

"..Cecil, you could get paid extra money for cleaning up people's yards."

"Oh! Hey, that's right, but how come you're not doing that?"

"Toby." Tyler replied tiredly, thumbing through a comicbook. "He's getting kind of clingy."

"Oh, yeah. Hey you wanna watch Godzilla?"

"Sure. Oh! and see if you can find a bunch of big boxes, too."

"Big boxes, now why should I get those?"

"Refridgerator boxes would be great, but anything you could fit into would be good. You could probably fill the big box with smaller ones and just wrap it in lots of different papers."

"Don't see why I gotta to that too..." Cecil grumbled, giving Tyler a look.

"Well, that what Karkat said she'd like, and besides, I'm already bought her some stuffed toys and a big blanket." Tyler didn't even look up from the comic book. "You gotta bring the brithday girl a present, you're coming to her party right?"



"Oh that's AWESOME!" Cecil shot up from the bed on the limbs of his phantasmal winged coat and bounced a couple of times, clearly excited by this prospect.

"Boys! keep it down up there!" The call came from downstairs, from Cecil's mother.

"Yes mom!"

"Dude, press play already. I'll handle the food and drinks, you handle getting the firewood and the lawnchairs, okay?"

"Sure! Hey we've got this hammock in the garage..." Cecil went on talking as the opening music for the cartoon played through the little bedroom, and Tyler wondered if he was actually ever going to be able to pull this off without his friends help in keeping it a secret.
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Role: Student, 1st year Gryffindor.
Familiar: Eagle Owl, Svati
Wand: Seven and a half inches, Cypress, Dragon's Heartstring, Sturdy, inherited from paternal grandfather (utter rubbish with it)
Specializations: Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts, in the near future.

The history as we know it: Tyler is the son of two of Earth's mightiest heroes, and has all the superpowers of a piece of paper. He is however, one of the most keen sensible minds of his generation and time.

In this universe, he's the son of two of Aurors who work for the Ministry of Magic, and while his parents expect him to be as great a wizard as they are, his only claim to power has been the acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Tyler's just a little afraid of all of this, because he's SEEN what Ministry officials have brought home from work. Even with his paternal grandfather's wand in hand, he's entirely dubious about his own ability to do anything magical at all. As a reward for the acceptance letter however, he's gotten to pick a familiar, and for sheer usefulness, he asked for an owl, ...which his parents took a little far. He knows little about his parents codenames as being secret agent Aurors. his Mother is Sovereign and Father is Ultima

At school, he wants nothing more than to do well in his classes and hope that someday, his parents will back off on the subject of him swinging a wand. He does very well in his first year courses for History, Potions, Astronomy, and oddly enough, Defense Against the Dark Arts (if only because he's a wicked knack for objects accurately and ducking and has the theory down). Anything that involves waving a wand however, he will fail at.
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Parents were off taking Toby out for dinner, and Cecil was covering the excuse for him. He had a spare of the knock-out capsules, body armor, and some opened cans of tuna out for his guest, just so she wouldn't attack food in the grocery store.

It was a late Saturday afternoon and just beginning to ease into the evening hours outside, the inside of the home was neatly furnished and well kept, not a mote of dust anywhere. And given that this was only a fascade house for coverstories that was some accomplishment of cleaning in itself for a living room that size.

Which is what the linen closet door opens up into.

Welcome to Earth.
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"Why can't I come along for this?" Cecil asked Tyler for what was the third time in the last fifteen minutes as his friend had just sprung the news of a possible interdimensional party being thrown in the next few months. They'd just spent the last hour working out their coverstories for the event when Tyler had stopped and said he'd have to talk to someone about permissions for this.

"I didn't have to ask permission to rescue you from the Rock of Challenge*!"

"That's because, one you were traveling with Malphast who is on their okay list, two, you're haven't been their employee before. This is just a courtesy call so their monitors don't blow a gasket."

"You've been employed by them before??"

"Yes, during that whole thing with the Frozen North Horrors**."

"So wait, you got paid and everything, right, some cool gadgets..."



It took a better part of the remaining afternoon to find the payphone he needed and to dial the passcode numbers on the card. There was the responding dialling and click from the other line before someone picked up.


"Blue Moon over Kansas, calling to report."

-"Identity confirmed, connecting to reporting officer."-

Tyler sighed as the on-hold music played, waiting at the payphone. He didn't mind much hold music, but listening to 'hello my ragtime gal' so many times while waiting for his contact to pick up was a pain in the butt.

-"Hello Moon Shadow, what have you got to report in person?"-

"You know I'd rather talk to you guys in person. Besides that, my paper reports keep getting 'lost'."

-"*sigh* I suppose that's someone in the US end again...I'm very sorry about that."-

"You're not the only one, I think I know who's causing it on my end, but legally getting them to stop is..." Tyler shook his head. "Anyhow, I thought I'd give you a heads up that I'll be bringing some people from Milliways over for visits."

-"You know, we're alright with Dr. Stantz, why would you...oh lord."-

"...uhm..yeah most of em are going to be non-human, but I think I can handle it if I never take more than two home..."

-"...there's nothing I can do to talk you out of this? The head of the ministry is starting to take a special interest in your case."-

"Nope, too many people've let me visit their worlds, and I really ought to pay it forward. And at least one birthday party."

He could hear the groan from Agent Korpan on the other side of the phone, and waited. The grownup probably had to drink his peptobismol again.

*Frozen Horrors, Frozen North, a Ray Stantz production
**PS238 #23
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Two weeks of summer gone by, and Tyler felt justified in the fact that with the Bar's help, he'd been plowing through the Japanese language homework at a great pace, without anyone suspecting a thing yet. He'd just have to talk to his parents about staying over at Cecil's house over the night and...


Tyler stopped writing down his journal entry about today's activites and quickly put the notebook into his backpack at the sound of the teleporter outside of his room. Just in time as his mother peered inside to smile at him.

"Tyler! Come on, we'll be having dinner together at the headquarters tonight...We've got something important to talk about..."

"Cecil asked me to come over to his hou-" Tyler started to responed to and stopped as the rest of the words registered. "What're we going to talk about?"

" know your birthday is coming up'll be your 10th and Toby's first birthday!"


"We were thinking of having it at the headquarters and I know you're so enamored with all of the friends you've made here. Your father and I were thinking that it'd be perfect to host it....."

His heart sank into his sneakers.

"...what about Toby? It's going to be his first birthday....shouldn't he just...have it with you and dad instead of a bunch of strangers?"

"Well they're not really strangers...he's met most of them already... besides that, what do you think your little brother would want for his birthday..."

"...shouldn't you ask him that?"

"Well, that wouldn't be a very good surprise now would it? Besides, it's been a long time since we've done anything together as a family..."

".....sure, Mom. I'll help."

"That's the what was this about your friend Cecil..."

"He wanted me to come over and help figure out what to get Alec for his birthday tonight..." Tyler lied quickly, looking at the door as he did so. He couldn't lie to her face...not really...

"Oh about tomorrow night then...just a family night...we could even play some games afterwards."

"Chinese checkers?"

"We'll see, something we all can play together..."

"...hey Mom?"

"Yes sweetie?"

"Could I get a bicycle for my birthday?"

"You sure you don't want that rocket pack your father promised you?"

"...I'd rather have a regular bicycle..."

"Oh...well...we'll see, it's still a long while until your birthday..."
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