basic_powers: (playtime)
basic_powers ([personal profile] basic_powers) wrote2011-10-05 11:50 pm
Entry tags: kids plan parties...

If they're dreamers, they want bouncy castles and pony rides and giant tigers.

If they're the children of superheroes, oddly enough they still want those things, but you can't find a good pony that resists nuclear radiation as Tyler's learned. So, in the interest of keeping things simple and within his budget, a party has come together in the backyard of the house of one Augustus Fenwick.

Inside, there's plenty of soda in the fridge, and bowls of chips, dips, crackers, pretzels and ofcourse candy and little paper favor bags. The coffee table between the couch and TV already has one large present wrapped in brown paper (decorated with green watercolor cats) and an absolutely HUGE box wrapped in a myriad of wrapping papers next to it.

Outside in the fenced backyard is a good sized stick, branch and log structure, waiting to be set on fire as soon as the sun really starts to set, and that isn't that far off as the afternoon sunlight reveals. There's a kid in a black trenchcoat that looks about eight sizes too big poking about said structure as Tyler holds open the door for the guests. And decorating the walls, counter top are little decorated brown-paper flags saying 'Happy Birthday Nepeta!" in green letters.

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