Feb. 4th, 2016

basic_powers: (cooking)
It took a little bit of bribing amid the waitrats and kitchen staff to arrange for four hours of uninterrupted time. Half an hour of that was spent checking over the entire kitchen for listening devices, scrying spells or astral anchors. Once that was done, everything was about getting all the bits and bobs for teaching someone cooking basics out and at the ready. Spices were arranged, the espresso machine was warmed and primed. Coffer of various types was set out in jars, ranging from the dreaded SANKA to Civet Cat to the special blend that the people on Security drank (It was always nice to have a coffee that doubled as a liquid to exorcise ghosts, spells and what not).

For what's he's worth, Beauford is standing calmly next to one of the polished steel prep tables of the kitchen, wearing a battered plain denim apron that may have a few char marks at the shoulder. At least that's how things appear to Quentin when the young man shows up at for lessons.
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