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Christmas is fast approaching, at least in Milliways. It doesn't take much to notice how the backyard area is getting colder and occasinally getting a thin sheet of snow. And this year, Tyler's not sure if he's going to get another good holiday vacation with Uncle Ray...

So there's no time like the present to write up that wishlist to Santa Claus/Father Christmas/Saint Nick/What have you...

Dear Father Christmas.

I've been very good this year, even if my parents aren't exactly happy about me not having developed superpowers. I've been working really hard on all of my grades, even if the social studies teacher hates me. I don't know if I'm going to get to spend the holidays with Uncle Ray again this year, if you could work that out, i'd really appreciate it.

...If that doesn't work, could I please get a blue three-speed bike in my size, and some protective padding for riding on the bike? I already asked mom and dad but they're talking about rocket packs and flying skateboard thingies. Since it's technically my birthday coming up back in the home universe... I'd really just like a plain regular bicycle, so I can learn how to do more stuff for myself.

Thank you for reading this letter, I'll try to leave you some cinnamon snickerdoodles and hot cocoa Christmas eve.


Tyler Marlocke

PS: Winston would like more Emu Jerky, and if you could get Toby something that'd help me think things out for himself that'd be AWESOME.
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"You're getting to host the party?" The excitement in Cecil's voice was palpalble. "An extradimensional birthday party??"

"...dude, not like that trip with Malphast but yes." Tyler shook his head, it was almost regrettable telling his best friend now, but he couldn't NOT tell him.

"How come I don't get to have stuff like this?"

"....Cecil, come on, could you focus, there's still stuff to be done for the party and I need your help."

"...Fine, what is it?" Cecil flopped back into his bed, to look up at the ceiling of his new bedroom. "Mom wants me out of the house anyways."

"...think you could go around seeing if people want sticks and stuff picked up out of their yard?"


"It's going to be a night time cook-out, and we're going to need firewood."

"But you could just buy some...right, I mean we've got that expense account."

"..Cecil, you could get paid extra money for cleaning up people's yards."

"Oh! Hey, that's right, but how come you're not doing that?"

"Toby." Tyler replied tiredly, thumbing through a comicbook. "He's getting kind of clingy."

"Oh, yeah. Hey you wanna watch Godzilla?"

"Sure. Oh! and see if you can find a bunch of big boxes, too."

"Big boxes, now why should I get those?"

"Refridgerator boxes would be great, but anything you could fit into would be good. You could probably fill the big box with smaller ones and just wrap it in lots of different papers."

"Don't see why I gotta to that too..." Cecil grumbled, giving Tyler a look.

"Well, that what Karkat said she'd like, and besides, I'm already bought her some stuffed toys and a big blanket." Tyler didn't even look up from the comic book. "You gotta bring the brithday girl a present, you're coming to her party right?"



"Oh that's AWESOME!" Cecil shot up from the bed on the limbs of his phantasmal winged coat and bounced a couple of times, clearly excited by this prospect.

"Boys! keep it down up there!" The call came from downstairs, from Cecil's mother.

"Yes mom!"

"Dude, press play already. I'll handle the food and drinks, you handle getting the firewood and the lawnchairs, okay?"

"Sure! Hey we've got this hammock in the garage..." Cecil went on talking as the opening music for the cartoon played through the little bedroom, and Tyler wondered if he was actually ever going to be able to pull this off without his friends help in keeping it a secret.
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These days, sneaking out after school involved less of just walking to the house that the Revenant had rented out and cleaned. It involved more of making sure that Ultima and Supreme Powers were taking Absolute Powers, aka Toby, somewhere to practice flying with his powers. That didn't involve having to explain WHY the stoplight was suddenly a stage magician sending scarves out everywhere. Then making sure that Cecil was occupied, though it didn't matter so mucn now that he was in on the secret with the Revenant. Tyler really, really wanted him to knock off with the asking to become Tyler's supervisor while having a conversation.

And using the medallion to sneak himself to a completely different spot, namely a certain little homemade fort in a ravine so he could pull out the communicator to talk.

-"Revenant, am I coming in clear?"-

-"Loud and,"- answered the voice from the other end, -"although business is a little hectic just at the moment."-

There was a thump and a crash, and something that could've been a gurgle if it weren't just static.

-"I've got a little time, though. What's up?"-

This was one of those times when Tyler almost felt guilty for calling on the emergency line. --"You didn't pick me up from school, like usual. In fact you haven't done it for the past month and a half."- Tyler answered, checking outside of the little fort for any signs of anyone snooping nearby. "I can understand for the first few when the school was getting rebuilt and I was walking around in a clone puppet."-

-"So what's going on?"-

-"Field operation, I'm afraid." The voice had the dignity to sound chagrined. "Starting with an extended stakeout that more or less required radio silence."-

Something in the background cracked sharply. There was a pained grunt.

-"I think that part of the operation's been fairly well wrapped by now. My appointment book for the summer is pretty wide open. How does yours look?"-

-" and dad.."- The rest got a little muffled, but Tyler did manage to lift his head and mouth out of the crook of his elbow. -",sharing a room with Toby at their new Headquarters."-

-"Well. That sounds like you've got plenty of time for a summer reading program. Or a foreign language camp. Possibly both,"- said the voice cheerfully. -"How do you feel about Japanese?"-

-"...can't be any harder than learning how to speak Wolf."- Tyler replied, taking notes. There'd be books at the empty house for him to pick up later in regards to that. -"What about physical training?"-

-""Aikido or isshin kenpo?"-

-"...Kenpo, Aikido is the one that's all grips, pins and holds, right?"-

-"And throws. Isshin kenpo's a hybrid karate form. Very recently developed, but I know the originators personally and I can vouch for their lineages in the Okinawan fighting arts."-

-"Alright, so how're we going to keep this from my parents, and Toby?"-

-"I'm sure your other two friends in on the conpiracy will cover for you with your brother, and I'll be picking you up and dropping you off from the house I'm renting."- There was some more whimpering from the other end of the line.

-" really think mom and dad won't check?"- Tyler asked apprehensively. -"Couldn't I just practice in Milliways? No one from school has showed up there, and it'd be a good place to practice acrobatics and tumbling."-

-"Can't get far in the Wind School of isshin kenpo if you don't know how to fall properly. Sometimes that involves falling from some very unusual places."-

-"Like buildings."- Tyler grumbled.

-"Well, I was thinking more like former utility towers, but yes, it's important to cover all the bases."-

-"...thanks, I wanted to know what was know I was kind of wondering if you'd avoided cause of my parents being in town an-" He stopped short as something, or a rather a familiar sounding something whooshed overhead. "Gotta go. Looks like Toby finished his flying practice. Or it's getting too close to here."-

-"Sorry about that. A lead came up that just didn't give me enough time to get away. Don't worry, it's not going to happen again. Tell your brother I said hi."-

-"Pbbht."- Now he knew that Revenant was funning with him, Toby didn't know a darn thing about his secret identity. And Tyler was plenty willing to say or do whatever was needed to make sure it stayed that way. -"I'll wait for the mail to come at the house, or at Cecil's. Bye."-
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Dear Journal,

Today I had to explain my school to someone, Rachel, because she saw the metahuman biology textbook I was studying from. I kind of lied when I told it her was for homework, since studying more about the stuff going on around me is looking more and more like a good idea. Especially since Cecil detects metapowers in other people.

...that's not why I'm writing. I got a little sidetracked. Rachel...she got mad when she found out about what my parents have done. Like nearly biting off my HEAD mad. I think she didn't mean to cause when I ducked down she looked...kind of upset that she had yelled. And...and truth be told I was kind of upset too.

I can't change my parents, what they are, what they think. What I can do is arm myself, learn everything I can to defend myself.

I've been lucky, been irradiated, dropped, landed on, hugged to death and a bunch of other things, and so far nothing has given me superpowers.

...I don't think anything will. I'm not sure how or if I'm ever going to try talking to Mom or Dad about this. They'll probably shrug me off like they do when Toby tries asking them if he can not use his powers. He tries asking them since they're kind of powerproof and he tries asking me for help too...and

He paused, reading up over what he had just written.

I think Toby needs help thinking most of all. He's not used to doing it on his own. Some part of him remembers me doing all the thinking, and that isn't good for him. Mom and Dad can't do the thinking for him either.

I've got to figure something out.
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