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Charles Xavier Shielding lessons, first run

As Tyler jogs in from his practice outside, he glances around the bar room proper to try and spot Charles for his next lesson. Seeing however, as it is evening for the Bar and the dinner crowd is making it difficult to spot anyone. Even standing up on rafter above the crowd isn't helping, and really, he's looking forward to this lesson.

Less likely to get him blown up, or grant superpowers, after all.

So then, it comes down to how best to get his teacher's attention in a crowd...without alerting the rest of Milliways.

Scooones, SCOOOOoones, Scones, Scones, Scones, Crumbly buttery scoooooooOOOOOOoones, sung inside of his head.
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Charles is rereading one of his favorite parts of The Sword in the Stone as Tyler sort of reminds him of War.

When the mental call of scones starts up, he laughs and holds his hand up, waving in the direction he feels Tyler's mind to be, "Over here."
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The puppy mannerisms are adorable and oddly make sense, he really needs to introduce Tyler to Raven.

By the time Tyler drops to the table, there's a plate with a selection of scones, Charles made a rat move rather quickly and picks it up along with his book, "Yes, I'm all ready. You're amazing up there."
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These scones are two different shapes, the classic wedge shape and also a few that could almost be an American biscuit but not quite,

"How much has the layout changed since the attack?"

A lot of people who return seem to be spend a lot of their time noting damages or repaired things when they enter.
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"Hm, I see. One of the first things I did when I was here was help a little boy, Fry Sandhu get some tables back where they used to be. It reassured him to have the arrangement back where it should be,"

The mental map is useful and though Charles isn't sure when he'll go in the rafters, it's fascinating.
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It's a comfortable room and Charles smiles and walks over to look over the treasures,

"Milliways seems good at making it possible to adapt, it seems to welcome constant change."
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Charles will sit wherever there's space as the idea is for Tyler to feel safe and relaxed.

After looking at everything, Charles turns to see if he can help with arranging things.
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When the pillows are set up, Charles gets himself arranged on the other one,

"Good. Now to start out, let's look at what you have now. Walk me through your current shields and what you want to be able to do with them."
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"Why foggy panels? Rings makes perfect sense as that provides various levels of privacy. I'm going to just look to see what they look like, let me know whenever I'm somewhere you don't want me to be,"

Charles leans on his hand to focus on how the shield's look.
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"It looks like the set up between the different levels is logical and working for you. Let's see about making those walls less foggy and more solid and sturdy. What's represents to you safety in terms of a physical space or manifestation? Something that we can build those walls out of."
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"What is it about Milliways that makes you feel safe? Let's see if we can find elements to work into the shields. They don't even have to be incredibly concrete. It's the idea and the purpose behind them that holds the power."
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"Then work them into your wall. Work their strongest traits and then whenever you think of your wall, think of them and it's there and as solid as they are. It might take some time to get right but you need to feel safe in your head."
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"Could the rafters be useful to have a mixture of physical and more abstract elements?"

He doesn't understand all the references in Tyler's thoughts but he can see they're effective and will keep talking and helping him do what he knows how to.
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Charles smiles as the shields grow, "Yes, make it your space."
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It can be adapted as he needs it and only he knows his way around it, "Wonderful."
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"You did most of it,"

Which made Charles' teaching job much easier as it was more like leading.
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"And you won't stop learning, that's the joy of it. Right, I asked for a good variety so we have cheese, date and the classic scone. Also jam and clotted cream which you have to have with scones. Would you like some tea if I ordered it?"

When it comes to tea, Charles becomes rather British.
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"It's stronger in a different way and you usually add milk and sugar to it or sometimes lemon. It's a black tea instead of a green tea. Though if you like green tea better we can get that."
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"Then one moment,"

He finds a rat and soon returns with a tea set of English Breakfast tea with warm milk, cubes of sugar and lovely plates. The pattern though if you look closely is made out of little hobbit holes with hobbits on the edges.
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Charles laughs as that's just perfect,

"Well, hobbits know how to do tea properly."
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"I pour out the tea for us and then you take a sip and decide what you want to add to it. Then we drink our tea and eat our scones slathered with whatever we'd like,"

He's always loved that scones are one of the foods that you're encouraged to make a mess with.