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Ever since Leena put her foot down that Tyler was to stay at the B&B and rest, Tyler has had the best night's sleep in nearly a week, with a full stomach and no nightmares. Not even a single flutter of the dream of endlessly falling through purple space. And that's how he spends the next day as well, and the day after that, just eating, sleeping and sometimes heading into the yard to 'play jedi' for an hour or two.

It feels too weird to NOT practice sword forms everyday really.

And that's what happens when Claudia leaves for Eureka early the following morning, leaving Tyler a note saying she'd be back to help him get things straight soon. Just for the day, and honestly, he's okay with that.

There's no hurry to this. The adults pretty much leave him be so long as he's neat, polite, and doesn't ask questions. Which is also pretty okay with him, because he's pretty sure he caught Leena giving him a very thoughtful look this morning.

And there's the fact that he's gotten loads better at sneaking up and listening to things so he doesn't have to ask as many questions. The medallion Garion gave him really helped with that.

It doesn't help the sinking pit in Tyler's stomach when Artie calls Leena to ask her to come down to the Warehouse to help look for Claudia.

"She ought to have been back a few hours ago."

And that's all tyler needs to hear before he creeps away thinking about the portal that randomly spawned from Milliways that brought him here. It's enough to distract him from the fact that he's entering a bathroom while thinking about Milliways before his foot fails to make contact with the tiled floor.


This time he only yelps quietly before falling in with the door shutting behind him.