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Christmas is fast approaching, at least in Milliways. It doesn't take much to notice how the backyard area is getting colder and occasinally getting a thin sheet of snow. And this year, Tyler's not sure if he's going to get another good holiday vacation with Uncle Ray...

So there's no time like the present to write up that wishlist to Santa Claus/Father Christmas/Saint Nick/What have you...

Dear Father Christmas.

I've been very good this year, even if my parents aren't exactly happy about me not having developed superpowers. I've been working really hard on all of my grades, even if the social studies teacher hates me. I don't know if I'm going to get to spend the holidays with Uncle Ray again this year, if you could work that out, i'd really appreciate it.

...If that doesn't work, could I please get a blue three-speed bike in my size, and some protective padding for riding on the bike? I already asked mom and dad but they're talking about rocket packs and flying skateboard thingies. Since it's technically my birthday coming up back in the home universe... I'd really just like a plain regular bicycle, so I can learn how to do more stuff for myself.

Thank you for reading this letter, I'll try to leave you some cinnamon snickerdoodles and hot cocoa Christmas eve.


Tyler Marlocke

PS: Winston would like more Emu Jerky, and if you could get Toby something that'd help me think things out for himself that'd be AWESOME.
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Dear Journal,

I am never going to forget how awesome this Christmas was with Ray, even if I did get tongue-grabbed by Krampus earlier this week. This totally more than makes up for being sick last 'year' in Milliways with that flu that made me hallucinate I was different people or a dragon.

Ms. Eartha Kitt stayed up with me for most of Christmas Eve last night before she shut down for the Sabbath, since Christmas Day fell on a Saturday this year, but we each got to open one present on Christmas Eve and I think she liked the dress Janine helped me pick out for her, cause she smiled and chuckled. A laughing golem is a weird thing apparently, I guess to most people. I should be a little more weirded out by this but...well. I think my weirdness meter had tanked out. For now. I opened the gift from Ray and it was a blue Batman hoodie.

Any ways! Got to have hot cocoa and sammiches for dinner, managed to stay up as late as 11 before Ray says I conked out. This morning was awesome! When I woke up I wasn't sleeping in the old cot Ray had set up for me, it was a regular wooden bed, with a mattress and sheets and a big thick quilt on top and it didn't have ANY cartoon mascots on it, which was so great. There was a note at the bottom of the bed in a big envelope. It was from President Amtatov Antonov, so I asked Ray to translate it but he was kind of busy going fishy-mouthed because of what was waiting in the kitchen and completely untouched by Slimer.

A whole big dang breakfast buffet, fruit, waffles, eggs, bacon and hot coffee and cocoa!

I'll transcribe the letter later, Ray read it and he just smiled and ruffled my hair before we dug into breakfast. THEN it was time for the other presents. Jhalak's gift won't arrive until tomorrow but she said she's okay with it. Winston got me a baseball mitt and ball, Egon got me a book about basic robot building and programming, Janine got me a couple of trade paperbacks of this comic called Sheldon, and Peter got me a couple of jokebooks but I think I'll be lending those out to the kids in Little Lamplight. Ecto made me a book about how to trade stones and metals at the Jewelery District so if I ever get paid in gems or precious metals I can go to the one here or the one in my world and do things right and not get ripped off.

No one was surprised that there was a little fortress of coal around Peck's fishbowl this morning.

Ohh, turns out the breakfast was part of the Christmas gift from President Antonov to the guys, it's an Enchanted Tablecloth, with 24 uses left in it. Throw it on a table, give it a half hour, and FOOD.

Venkman tried to make fun and steal some of my blue tentacles and pasta lunch. We had a silverware battle.

I won.

Ray and I are gonna spend the afternoon building BEAM robots, since he really liked the kit, book and the box of junk I picked up for him at the surplus store.

Oh and he mentioned something about me staying until January 6th. Wonder why.
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There are certain joys to be had by being nearly ten and sleeping over at your uncle's place. Getting to sleep in with the black and gold cyber raptor curled up at his feet on top of the comforter in his cot at the Firehouse. Unfortunately this is the Firehouse, and there are a great many things which will wake a body up.

"Slimer!" Tyler shouted as the ghost stunk a slimy green finger into his ear, sitting up and swinging his pillow at the ghost.


The local free-roaming vaporus appetite gibbers away as the cyber raptor growls awake and makes chase. He didn't really feel like going back to sleep at that point, seeing as the ghost and terror of pests were getting into a fine chase around the building, and from the smell of things someone was already up and making coffee. Tyler swung his head down to look under his cot at the charger for his gauntlet. Using up all of the shot on Krampus yesterday probably hadn't been the best plan, but at least the battery packs were rechargeable.

Slipping on the big old furry bear slippers that were a size too big for him, Tyler scurried into the kitchen, seeing the guys already up around the coffee maker. Venkman of course grinning at Tyler having to wipe out his ear of the ectoplasm.

"Hey kiddo, sleep well?"

"Pbbbbbht." That was all he had to say to Peter really. "Egon, is there anything in there for breakfast, or did Slimer get here before the sacrificial bowl of cereal was put out?"

"He's had his sacrificial bowl, I'll nuke up some instant oatmeal for you."

"So I hear you got a little tongue action the other day, sport..."

"....and you're not allowed to dump it on Peter's head."


"He barely comes up past your navel, Peter."


"I would advise strongly against taunting the kid who can go invisible, carries a taser gauntlet and whose only form of self defense is either a sword or boxing."

Tyler just snickered into his hand at that last comment. "Hey, do you guys know how I go about taking Winston down to the subway to take care of their rat problem? Do I need a permission slip or something?"

"I think you just go down and arrange an appointment with the station director or talk with them...why do you ask?" Peter smirked, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl.


"....oh yeah, little monster needs to eat."

"Yeah, and I bet you can't even name the last time anyone within five hundred feet of this place ever had a rat problem." Tyler replied to Peter, digging into the hot strawberry oatmeal before Slimer could get any funny ideas. "And no offense but buying those ones from a pet store is weird and I don't wanna glut him on his treats."

"Speaking of, is he trying to climb the garland to chase after Slimer?"

"Winston! NO! Get down from there!"

Breakfast, a change of clothes and a multi-voiced scolding from the alien later, Winston's straining at the end of his chain leash along the walk to the subway station and it's platform. Ray had mentioned something about the subway station near the firehouse having a rat problem, of course finding out who to ask about what he had to do for this. He figured asking the help/complaints desk was a good bet.

"S'cuse me, is this where I go to ask about rat hunting?"

"I'm sorry, but it's winter if the rats happened to-" The tired looking clerk looked up to see the boy standing at his counter.

"Mister, I'm not here to complain, someone told me I could earn some extra cash with rat hunting."

"Son," Oh that was an encouraging way to start, condescend to the kid. "But child labor laws."

"I'm not looking to work, Peter said you guys rent out terriers and other animals from trainers to hunt rats."

"Well not just any dog or cat can come they have to be trained.."

Oh screw a bunch of this, one surprised and chuffing cyber raptor was hoisting up to the glass of the window to growl.

"Holy SHIT where did you get a Mouser?"

"...a what? No, Winston's a living cyber raptor. Look, Uncle Ray said you guys had been having rat problems and that you'd pay by the rat."

"...yes, that's how it usually works." Beat. Then the clerk squinted at the boy and the gauntlet over one hand. "'re that kid who was on the news yesterday. The one with the Ghostbusters."

"...Look am I going to ask this very nicely, what do you need us to do so we can hunt rats?"

Wasn't that hard, Winston'd run out to catch and eat some rats, and Tyler'd collect a half dollar per carcass that was brought back to his feet. 5 times out of 6 the black and gold terror would get out of the way before the subway train would come through the pit.

Of course it was those sixth times that were the ones that got some attention, and Winston DID tend to fly a good distance. It was just a matter of getting him to not try and chew the subway train a new one.

Which he usually gave up on after about five minutes of chewing the broad front end of before returning to Tyler's side for some jerky. And at fifty cents a rat he already had shacked up about $36 in the first hour there.

"That's enough for today...erm...sorry about the mess. He ate most of em."

"Is he always that.."

"Yeeah pretty much, but he should be full for a day or two, so I'll come back then with him if there're any more."

"We'll be waiting, that rat problem isn't going anywher- ...what is that smell??"
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