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AU Hogwarts bio info

Role: Student, 1st year Gryffindor.
Familiar: Eagle Owl, Svati
Wand: Seven and a half inches, Cypress, Dragon's Heartstring, Sturdy, inherited from paternal grandfather (utter rubbish with it)
Specializations: Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts, in the near future.

The history as we know it: Tyler is the son of two of Earth's mightiest heroes, and has all the superpowers of a piece of paper. He is however, one of the most keen sensible minds of his generation and time.

In this universe, he's the son of two of Aurors who work for the Ministry of Magic, and while his parents expect him to be as great a wizard as they are, his only claim to power has been the acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Tyler's just a little afraid of all of this, because he's SEEN what Ministry officials have brought home from work. Even with his paternal grandfather's wand in hand, he's entirely dubious about his own ability to do anything magical at all. As a reward for the acceptance letter however, he's gotten to pick a familiar, and for sheer usefulness, he asked for an owl, ...which his parents took a little far. He knows little about his parents codenames as being secret agent Aurors. his Mother is Sovereign and Father is Ultima

At school, he wants nothing more than to do well in his classes and hope that someday, his parents will back off on the subject of him swinging a wand. He does very well in his first year courses for History, Potions, Astronomy, and oddly enough, Defense Against the Dark Arts (if only because he's a wicked knack for objects accurately and ducking and has the theory down). Anything that involves waving a wand however, he will fail at.
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Hi, Basic Powers!

Could you possibly help a fellow HP fen out? Over on the DW-based "Alternity," once long ago, one of our players used your icon for Zacharias Smith.

That player subsequently left the game but didn't tell anyone WHO the actor is in the icon.

We've been searching for clues to expand our Zach icons, and today I happened to hit your DW account. Even though we've switched Zach-bases again, I feel certain that knowing who this young man is will help us. Could you shed some light?


HP Alternity Moderator