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As Tyler jogs in from his practice outside, he glances around the bar room proper to try and spot Charles for his next lesson. Seeing however, as it is evening for the Bar and the dinner crowd is making it difficult to spot anyone. Even standing up on rafter above the crowd isn't helping, and really, he's looking forward to this lesson.

Less likely to get him blown up, or grant superpowers, after all.

So then, it comes down to how best to get his teacher's attention in a crowd...without alerting the rest of Milliways.

Scooones, SCOOOOoones, Scones, Scones, Scones, Crumbly buttery scoooooooOOOOOOoones, sung inside of his head.
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These days, sneaking out after school involved less of just walking to the house that the Revenant had rented out and cleaned. It involved more of making sure that Ultima and Supreme Powers were taking Absolute Powers, aka Toby, somewhere to practice flying with his powers. That didn't involve having to explain WHY the stoplight was suddenly a stage magician sending scarves out everywhere. Then making sure that Cecil was occupied, though it didn't matter so mucn now that he was in on the secret with the Revenant. Tyler really, really wanted him to knock off with the asking to become Tyler's supervisor while having a conversation.

And using the medallion to sneak himself to a completely different spot, namely a certain little homemade fort in a ravine so he could pull out the communicator to talk.

-"Revenant, am I coming in clear?"-

-"Loud and,"- answered the voice from the other end, -"although business is a little hectic just at the moment."-

There was a thump and a crash, and something that could've been a gurgle if it weren't just static.

-"I've got a little time, though. What's up?"-

This was one of those times when Tyler almost felt guilty for calling on the emergency line. --"You didn't pick me up from school, like usual. In fact you haven't done it for the past month and a half."- Tyler answered, checking outside of the little fort for any signs of anyone snooping nearby. "I can understand for the first few when the school was getting rebuilt and I was walking around in a clone puppet."-

-"So what's going on?"-

-"Field operation, I'm afraid." The voice had the dignity to sound chagrined. "Starting with an extended stakeout that more or less required radio silence."-

Something in the background cracked sharply. There was a pained grunt.

-"I think that part of the operation's been fairly well wrapped by now. My appointment book for the summer is pretty wide open. How does yours look?"-

-" and dad.."- The rest got a little muffled, but Tyler did manage to lift his head and mouth out of the crook of his elbow. -",sharing a room with Toby at their new Headquarters."-

-"Well. That sounds like you've got plenty of time for a summer reading program. Or a foreign language camp. Possibly both,"- said the voice cheerfully. -"How do you feel about Japanese?"-

-"...can't be any harder than learning how to speak Wolf."- Tyler replied, taking notes. There'd be books at the empty house for him to pick up later in regards to that. -"What about physical training?"-

-""Aikido or isshin kenpo?"-

-"...Kenpo, Aikido is the one that's all grips, pins and holds, right?"-

-"And throws. Isshin kenpo's a hybrid karate form. Very recently developed, but I know the originators personally and I can vouch for their lineages in the Okinawan fighting arts."-

-"Alright, so how're we going to keep this from my parents, and Toby?"-

-"I'm sure your other two friends in on the conpiracy will cover for you with your brother, and I'll be picking you up and dropping you off from the house I'm renting."- There was some more whimpering from the other end of the line.

-" really think mom and dad won't check?"- Tyler asked apprehensively. -"Couldn't I just practice in Milliways? No one from school has showed up there, and it'd be a good place to practice acrobatics and tumbling."-

-"Can't get far in the Wind School of isshin kenpo if you don't know how to fall properly. Sometimes that involves falling from some very unusual places."-

-"Like buildings."- Tyler grumbled.

-"Well, I was thinking more like former utility towers, but yes, it's important to cover all the bases."-

-"...thanks, I wanted to know what was know I was kind of wondering if you'd avoided cause of my parents being in town an-" He stopped short as something, or a rather a familiar sounding something whooshed overhead. "Gotta go. Looks like Toby finished his flying practice. Or it's getting too close to here."-

-"Sorry about that. A lead came up that just didn't give me enough time to get away. Don't worry, it's not going to happen again. Tell your brother I said hi."-

-"Pbbht."- Now he knew that Revenant was funning with him, Toby didn't know a darn thing about his secret identity. And Tyler was plenty willing to say or do whatever was needed to make sure it stayed that way. -"I'll wait for the mail to come at the house, or at Cecil's. Bye."-
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It's 5:45 in the back area behind the lake, and Tyler's already waiting by the backdoor, with his Cubefall helmet, and full Power Ranger armor on for the training. He's having some fun of it outside, as the cold is just enough that he can blow out a little smoky cloud of steam waiting for Voodoo.

Winston meanwhile is grubbing around at his person's feet and looking out towards the woods before looking back up at Tyler. Are they going to go for their morning run or not?

Spending the better part of a year and a half getting morning PE runs from a Marine was probably something he should have mentioned earlier.
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