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"Why can't I come along for this?" Cecil asked Tyler for what was the third time in the last fifteen minutes as his friend had just sprung the news of a possible interdimensional party being thrown in the next few months. They'd just spent the last hour working out their coverstories for the event when Tyler had stopped and said he'd have to talk to someone about permissions for this.

"I didn't have to ask permission to rescue you from the Rock of Challenge*!"

"That's because, one you were traveling with Malphast who is on their okay list, two, you're haven't been their employee before. This is just a courtesy call so their monitors don't blow a gasket."

"You've been employed by them before??"

"Yes, during that whole thing with the Frozen North Horrors**."

"So wait, you got paid and everything, right, some cool gadgets..."



It took a better part of the remaining afternoon to find the payphone he needed and to dial the passcode numbers on the card. There was the responding dialling and click from the other line before someone picked up.


"Blue Moon over Kansas, calling to report."

-"Identity confirmed, connecting to reporting officer."-

Tyler sighed as the on-hold music played, waiting at the payphone. He didn't mind much hold music, but listening to 'hello my ragtime gal' so many times while waiting for his contact to pick up was a pain in the butt.

-"Hello Moon Shadow, what have you got to report in person?"-

"You know I'd rather talk to you guys in person. Besides that, my paper reports keep getting 'lost'."

-"*sigh* I suppose that's someone in the US end again...I'm very sorry about that."-

"You're not the only one, I think I know who's causing it on my end, but legally getting them to stop is..." Tyler shook his head. "Anyhow, I thought I'd give you a heads up that I'll be bringing some people from Milliways over for visits."

-"You know, we're alright with Dr. Stantz, why would you...oh lord."-

"...uhm..yeah most of em are going to be non-human, but I think I can handle it if I never take more than two home..."

-"...there's nothing I can do to talk you out of this? The head of the ministry is starting to take a special interest in your case."-

"Nope, too many people've let me visit their worlds, and I really ought to pay it forward. And at least one birthday party."

He could hear the groan from Agent Korpan on the other side of the phone, and waited. The grownup probably had to drink his peptobismol again.

*Frozen Horrors, Frozen North, a Ray Stantz production
**PS238 #23
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As the final bell for school rang out, Tyler made his way out of the school with the rush of other kids. He couldn't stand going to the Bar today, October-weirdness or not, not after not being able to do a goshdarn thing to help Bob.

That didn't stop him from wanting a meal without getting pelted by applesauce, though.

It was only a few blocks to the K-square, he could buy himself some burritos and a slurpee, he told himself as he ran down a back alley without looking around to see what was there. And why should he look? The super-powered students of PS238 patrolled by air regularly as part of their training.

Not like anyone would be so stupid or determined as to try and snatch a kid around here. And even if they did, they'd be in for a surprise.
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Adalbrecht cringed into his ergonomic computer chair as his boss started looking over the record files for the past day. He had been diligent and now he really wished he hadn't, because what that kid was...

"He's been in and out how many times today?"

"...six times sir."

"At this rate he's going to attract a Hound! Or worse if we're not careful." He paged through the reports. "We're going to have to get the foamguns and capture him."

"I'll see if I can see which dimensions he's been visiting... get a signature." Adalbrecht started going over the other things that had been recorded.

"We're going to have to abduct this kid..." Basile murmured going over the report. "This close to the stars aligning he'd be a target for something else..."

He stopped and looked at the map as the kid reappeared on the monitors and went about his business.

"Does he still like Mad Dog Smoothies?"
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Secondary technician Adalbrecht watched at the screen as a new blip appeared on their scanners for dinmensional disturbances, everyone in the command centar had been monitoring everything since the first signs had begun to show up in the stars. and just now an entirely new blip had appeared all the way out in...The exact center of the United States.

"We've ruled out all our known dimensionally active superheroes, and this is something else entirely." He said to his supervisor as he waited for the satellites to get a bead on the source reading. "We may need to get ready for an invasion- wait, it's just a kid."

"...A Kid?"...we got any files on him?" His commanding officer leaned over his shoulder to get a good look.

"Not yet." Adalbrecht looked towards one of the intelligence bodies, who nodded.

"Gimme fifteen minuites. I'll see what I can get on this kid."

It was full hour later when he came back looking over the file like it was a hot potato.

"Got the files?" The commanding officer said looking at the manila folder.

"Uh...yeh. Right here." The documents were handed off as the other scratched his head. "...the kid doesn't have any powers last we checked..but.. look at his parents."

There was a long pause as Commander Basile read over the file on what they knew about this ...Marlocke kid, since that wasn't his real name. He blanched and looked up quietly.

".... Count of Monte Cristo. All right, keep him on the monitors."
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