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basic_powers ([personal profile] basic_powers) wrote2011-12-23 01:28 pm

Christmas 2011

For Twilight Sparkle, Merry Christmas and happy winter holidays. A wrapped book Human Magic Practices For The Novice, by P. Leyfette and a little bundle of warm cinnamon-smelling incense.

For Claudia Donovan, a copy of his plans for the basic grappling gauntlet.

For Kanaya, four yards of good deep jade green kimono fabric and two books, one a fashion guide of dresses from the 1800's, the other a 2007 recent edition of human fashions. With an origami butterfly card on top wishing happy holidays

For Nepeta, a set of colored pastels and several books of drawing paper, with an origami lion card wishing happy holidays

For Karkat, a little box diarama of a family of origami crabs.

For Enzo, there's an origami ghost and a few choice trade paperbacks from Tyler's world for his favorite comic books.

For Ultimate Ben Grimm there's a nice old stack of comicbooks from Tyler's world

For 616 Ben Grim, a few origami peace cranes and a jar of origami wishing stars.

For Atomic Robo, a burnt mp3 cd of all the cheesy scifi radio shows Tyler could find and download from Ray's world.

For Rachel...two origami birds, and a 100 gift certificate to Macy's, with a not saying she can order through the bar.

For Ellen, there's a box of 64 high-energy nutrient meal bars and water purification tablets.

For Adrian Shephard, there's a good sturdy jack knife with two blades, a fish scaler and a saw.

For Zaknaifen, there's a box of high quality godiva chocolate and a nice tooled leather belt.

For Lucas, lots of comic books, and some high energy meal bars and emu jerky.

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