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things to know about Beauford Tannen...and Adult!Tyler.

His Driver's License states that he is 28, even though he looks much younger. Ask him why this is and he'll say it's because he got good genes/born under the right sign.

He doesn't look anything like Tyler Marlocke. If anything it's strange how he tends to move and act in a way that's completely different from the boy. The only thing similar is a tendency to make 'the puppy face'.

He's completed his bachelors of History Education, with a minor in metahuman history. Beauford was supposed to be a teaching assistant to a college in Seattle, but the job fell through after a few months.

Beauford subscribes to Armchair Detective, True Crime and the True Hero News magazines.

The reason he's such a good cook is because through the latter part of highschool and college, he earned much of his income working in a restaurant/banquet hall. Bridezillas are the reason he has sworn never to take up another professional cooking job again. Not unless the pay gets doubled.

He is fit, active, and very shy on showing off his body, due to a number of scars. The only reason he gets away with covering himself up to the wrists as a bartender in Q5-7 is that he wears skin-tight thin shirts and mixes VERY good drinks.

========That is all on Beauford Tannen=========

This is all about Tyler Marlocke as an adult.

YES. He is Moon Shadow and Beauford Tannen, but seeing as he's trying to keep his identities a secret AND he stuck time-running back into his own childhood, he will NEVER admit to being either. He will also mentally blacklist and avoid anyone who seems determined to uncover either identity. It's like witness protection.

At this point in his life, he's earned no less than five doctorates in engineering, history, criminal psychology, pharmaceuticals and metahuman law (including passing the Bar exam). If he isn't on a case, he's studying, even while on monitor duty.

He is still terrified of getting superpowers, though now it tends to skip the pants-wetting-terror and go straight to the 'you have angered the paladin knight of OHGODWHAT, prepare to face justice'.

Calling him powerless as Moon Shadow is a great way to both amuse him and piss him off at the same time.

Tyler hides because he knows his parents haven't given up looking for him to join the family.