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basic_powers: (the ordinary boy!)
At any given time in Milliways, Tyler's backpack will contain the following.

Multi-use Arm-mounted grappling unit: This is always in Tyler's backpack and has about 250 yards of high-tensile defendium alloy thin cable inside of the spool and winch. It comes with 3 settings. The cable and winch are capable of being used to lift up cars.

Regular shoot, grapple and pull: 1-2 clicks, works like your usual point, shoot, click and pull.

Tazer (also known as Dance, Monkey, Dance!): 3 clicks to switch in and out of. Activates a breif charge in the cable line that electricutes the target when the probe comes into contact. use the shoot and grapple to send the charges.

Electro-magnet: both the unit itself and the aforementioned taser probe become powerful electro magnets. According to canon, able to hold onto a car and a helicopter at the same time. pressure-grip switch. you don't want to accidentally activate this sucker

1 Daffy Putty Egg and Controller: A nano-controlled high-tensile strength flexible putty that can be programmed into several settings. The ones Angie programmed are as follows.
1. Containment
2. tanglefoot
3. airbag (here, we know that Ecto and Ray Stantz are capable of programming pseudo-shoggoths from the stuff)
4. Annoy the bearded man
5. Putty fiends


Revenant Communicator - With this, in his native continuum, Tyler has a straight line to page his tutor to ask those really tough questions. If outside of Time and Space, it broadcasts to his future-self's comm line. Present!Tyler doesn't know this, Future!Tyler finds it amusing. In other people's continuum it can be dialed into whatever radio frequency works for the people he's working with.

Garion's Medallion: A Gift from Garion, Tyler can use this to travel to his world whenever the little guy wants. Like all of the other Sorceror-made Medallions of Garion's world it comes with a special ability. Tyler's is cloaking, the art of fooling the minds and eyes of other people into thinking he's not there. This ability activates when the little kid is scared. Really scared.

Training Saber: A gift from Ray Stantz, with a synthetic crystal (red glow here), sounds and looks like a real saber, does not cut through very much at all, but stings like a goddamn bastard when it hits and can deflect objects just as well as a real lightsaber.

Power Ranger Armor: A christmas gift from Dr. Tommy Oliver, this stuff ensures the tyke won't end up jelly-spread on the sidewalk. It can absorb most energy attacks along with physical punches. It has the handy ability of keeping Tyler's bodily functions suspended, IF it's activated properly with the keychain.
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