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PS238 Room 8

From the journal of Tyler Marlocke

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Birthdate:Aug 23
Location:Wonderburg, Kansas, United States of America
"I don't have any... powers."
"Then why are you-"
"My parents made me come here"

Tyler is the son of two metahuman superheros known as Ultima and Sovereign Powers, with the given family name of Marlocke. His parents believe that someday he will be a powerful superhero. There's one problem; he doesn't have any powers. Acorrding to his parents he doesn't have any powers yet and have enrolled him in a covert school called PS238. Tyler would be happy to just graduate this year in one piece. Unlike his parents, he's got a very realistic view of living in a school with his superpowered peers, and expects his days are numbered. He's also taken to making sure he never goes anywhere without his backpack or some kind of package of various small survival items. He's learned to think very quickly on his feet, and recently has a tendency to point out the things that are obviously the smart choice to think about.

"Your powers don't appear to be well-suited for gym class."

"I keep telling everyone I don't got any powers."

Currently, Tyler's survived gradeschool presidential elections with opposition from two governmentally-minded metahuman classmates, survived geing blown out of a spaceship onto the moon, become the protege of a non-powered vigilante named The Revenant, and had to play four-square for the forces of Law and Chaos among other things. We're picking him up just after his adventures with playing four square and teaching a fellow student born from a non-physical plane, what it's like to be a human child. Physically he's your average 3rd grader with blonde hair, except for being in great physical health.

Known Enemies:
Zodon: One of the resident super-genius metahumans and a royal crab ass, Zodon has picked Tyler to be his all-around whipping boy/guinea pig.

The Kestrel: Tyler's Alter-ego Moonshadow had a run in with this low-level telekinetic burgaler, and inadvertantly, by use of one os his gadgets... found out her terrible secret. She's had WORK done.

Since then she's sworn payback to the powerless hero-in-training.

Charles Brigman: General thug of the school which has PS238 under it, Tyler managed to get his goat by loudly (at the urging of his powered schoolmates at the time) denouncing Charles...and exposing the minor thug to have been doing some shoplifting.

Millicanon: Tyler's fought: Illinois Nazis in a Wrestling Center and gottent thrown like a beach ball by one of the more thaumatically powered telekinetic ones. Apocalyptic herald cultists in the Arctic Circle (KO'd their leader with a tazer shot to a very unpleasant place) following a blind nuclear chaos elder god. Various forms of mutated wildlife and talked down a wanna-be crazy superhero in a nuclear wasteland.

He's friends with all kinds of non-humans and mutants back home, so it's not any different here unless you fill the 'hoshit big guy' requirements.

He's also faced weirder back home, so unless the seven-headed bunny god of phglem shows up to give him a basket of 100 year tofu? Tyler will not be easily weirded out.

Lessons: Swordfighting and advanced gadgetry from Ray Stantz, Basic Gymnastics from Carlotta Brown, and Boxing from The Flying Squirrel/Kit Baxter. Wilderness skills from Adrian Shephard and some hand to hand combat from Voodoo.

Tyler is currently after the events depicted in the PS238 trade collection Daughters, Sons and Shrink Ray Guns. He's been eaten by a dragon and survived. I think that covers it all.

Tyler Marlocke is from the comic book series PS238, and is the property of Aaron Williams and Dogooder Press . He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Seriously sir. We're just here for the happy fun writing games.

Interests (23):

aliens, boardgames, card games, charles brigman, chinese checkers, comics, four-square, gadgets, ghostbusters, ghosts, history, martial arts, ps238, ray stantz, shop class, superheros, surviving, swords, the kestrel, the rainmaker project, vigilantes, villians, zodon

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