Oct. 4th, 2011

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"You're getting to host the party?" The excitement in Cecil's voice was palpalble. "An extradimensional birthday party??"

"...dude, not like that trip with Malphast but yes." Tyler shook his head, it was almost regrettable telling his best friend now, but he couldn't NOT tell him.

"How come I don't get to have stuff like this?"

"....Cecil, come on, could you focus, there's still stuff to be done for the party and I need your help."

"...Fine, what is it?" Cecil flopped back into his bed, to look up at the ceiling of his new bedroom. "Mom wants me out of the house anyways."

"...think you could go around seeing if people want sticks and stuff picked up out of their yard?"


"It's going to be a night time cook-out, and we're going to need firewood."

"But you could just buy some...right, I mean we've got that expense account."

"..Cecil, you could get paid extra money for cleaning up people's yards."

"Oh! Hey, that's right, but how come you're not doing that?"

"Toby." Tyler replied tiredly, thumbing through a comicbook. "He's getting kind of clingy."

"Oh, yeah. Hey you wanna watch Godzilla?"

"Sure. Oh! and see if you can find a bunch of big boxes, too."

"Big boxes, now why should I get those?"

"Refridgerator boxes would be great, but anything you could fit into would be good. You could probably fill the big box with smaller ones and just wrap it in lots of different papers."

"Don't see why I gotta to that too..." Cecil grumbled, giving Tyler a look.

"Well, that what Karkat said she'd like, and besides, I'm already bought her some stuffed toys and a big blanket." Tyler didn't even look up from the comic book. "You gotta bring the brithday girl a present, you're coming to her party right?"



"Oh that's AWESOME!" Cecil shot up from the bed on the limbs of his phantasmal winged coat and bounced a couple of times, clearly excited by this prospect.

"Boys! keep it down up there!" The call came from downstairs, from Cecil's mother.

"Yes mom!"

"Dude, press play already. I'll handle the food and drinks, you handle getting the firewood and the lawnchairs, okay?"

"Sure! Hey we've got this hammock in the garage..." Cecil went on talking as the opening music for the cartoon played through the little bedroom, and Tyler wondered if he was actually ever going to be able to pull this off without his friends help in keeping it a secret.
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