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Au Hogwarts- Getting a broom

It's a couple of weeks before Tyler finds himself with the time and the free passage to find the Professor of the flying classes. Between avoiding Charles, pranking same said bully and working extra hard for Potions... Well there's only so much time someone gets really.

Not that it's stopping the boy from knocking on the door of the Professor Kale's office.

"Professor...are you in?"

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"Yes. Just a moment!" Kale calls out from behind the door. There's some shuffling noise and then a thump. That's followed by some cursing in Gaelic and then Kale opens the door.

He looks a bit on the ruffled side and there's something buzzing in the background. "Hey. Tyler, what be you needing?"

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There's a snitch buzzing about, bonking into books and bouncing around like nobody's business behind Kale. Apparently sensing the open door it zips towards it but Kale's hand flashes out and he nabs it.

"Aye? Come in then," he steps back giving room for Tyler to enter. "I be working on the snitch. Wing broke last practice. It be fixed now, you think?"

He grins at the boy.

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They're mostly muggle magazines on motorcycles and other machines. He's got a bit of engine actually on a table over there in the corner.

"Probably, like." He takes the snitch and stuffs it into a box on his desk before sitting down on a stool. There's a chair as well which he gestures for Tyler to sit on. "So yea be wanting a practice broom?"

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"Let's see..." Kale rummages around his desk and pulls out his notes from Tyler's class and flicks through them. "You parents nae gonna give yea a broom?"

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"Eagle owl? Those be nice. M'brother got the vilest cat in existence for his acceptance gift. Hacked hairballs in me shoes all through school. Still does." He frowns a bit. "Yea be a good rider, bit fraid to fall off, like?"

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Kale's the flying teacher, it's his job to notice these things.

"Yea gonna need to be loosenin' up like, if yea be wanting to try out for Qudditch." He says this gently and with a smile. "Tis not a sport for the faint of heart, like. What sort of praticin' did yea think yea be doin?"

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"Having someone throw things at you."

... what?

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"Yes. Tis a lot different dodging targets while on a broom than while being on the ground," he says. "Iffin yea like, I can be talking to Will and seeing if he'd be willing to help yea."

Turning back to the desk he rummages around some more.

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"Brilliant!" Then. "Ha!" He triumphantly pulls out a notebook. It's been scratched by a cat and chewed on some by something else. Honestly he needs to stop leaving things around his brother's room. "Aye, let's see..."

He flips through the notebook's pages.

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It's scribbled with the names of different brooms and various conditions, measurements, locations and things like that. Very boring. But Kale doesn't seem to mind Tyler looking.

"I be thinking the Sunner be good for yea, if nae that then there be the Fallen Sun."

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Kale stands up and tucks the book into a pocket. "Come on, let's be getting to the broom shed; yea be having the time?" he asks.

"As for the difference. The Sunner be an older type of broom from Ireland, they no longer be made any more, but they be a good sturdy broom. Yea be hard press to try and fall of one of them. The Nimbus now, they be build for speed and playing quidditch. They be pure racing broom."

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"I be having ton of them, like," he grins at Tyler. "I be happy to give yea some."

They're heading out to the flying practice field. "I be having you on a comet, aye?"

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Kale likes Sunners. He grew up with them, so he's a bit on the biased side. "Aye? Good. They be getting some good speed on them. They nae be Nimbus's but they be good for practice and beginners."

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"Yea better or I'll string yea up on the astronomy tower by your toes and let the owls nibble at your nose." The threat is so ridiculous as to be impossible to be mistaken for anything but a joke.

He stops at the broom shed and opens up the door. The inside is clean and completely free of dust. The brooms rest in their own spots with little tags. It's almost like a little stable... of brooms.

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Kale would never hang students up by the astronomy tower to get their noses nibbled. No. His typical punishment involved sending them to help his brother clean out the owlry.

"Yea be thinking about maybe making a career of qudditch?" he asks as he walks among the brooms.

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"Wand usage was outlawed in mmm...1800s, I be thinkin'," Kale says cheerfully. "The Hufflepuff captain be making a go at professional qudditch playin'. Nae reason why yea can't, like."

He stops and picks up a broom, hefting it thoughtfully and looking over at Tyler.

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"Yer da' made a right mess of himself when he tried out," Kale said with a grin. "T'wasn't completely his fault though."

He takes another couple of brooms and walks back out.

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"Nah. More like a wet cat." He can tease if he wants to. "Let be seen'n yea on these."

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"Do yea feel like yea gonna fall off?" He's watching Tyler fly around, noticing how he moved and hung to the broom.

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Well, the problem is that he has to use certain brooms for teaching the students and honestly they could use some serious repair and he has been doing that slowly... but it takes work.

"That be a good one then."

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Oh very nice.

"That be Rickety Tim?" He checks the tag.

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"I might be knowing one like," Kale says with a sly grin.

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"I be needing someone to be helping me repair some of the brooms like," he says.

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"How about after lunch on Sundays? You can be keeping Rickety Tom with yea, if yea'd like."