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It's 5:45 in the back area behind the lake, and Tyler's already waiting by the backdoor, with his Cubefall helmet, and full Power Ranger armor on for the training. He's having some fun of it outside, as the cold is just enough that he can blow out a little smoky cloud of steam waiting for Voodoo.

Winston meanwhile is grubbing around at his person's feet and looking out towards the woods before looking back up at Tyler. Are they going to go for their morning run or not?

Spending the better part of a year and a half getting morning PE runs from a Marine was probably something he should have mentioned earlier.
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And here comes Voodoo, dressed in the usual polo shirt and jeans.

It's Bar's fault. Really, it is.

"Okay, kid, let's get -" UP come the eyebrows.

"Uhh...what're you wearing?"
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No. No, he hasn't.

"Uh...okay." Whatever floats his boat, right?

"You didn't really need it, but okay..." Voodoo takes a look at Winston.

"And what's that?"
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Voodoo nods. "Right. Gotcha." If it makes him feel comfortable, he can't really argue with it.

"Let's move a little closer to the lake. We don't want to set up right in front of the door." Voodoo starts walking.
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Voodoo stops near the edge of the lake, then turns to Tyler.

"Okay, let's say some dumbass punk said they were going to kick your ass right here, right now. Show me your basic fighting stance."
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Voodoo shakes his head. "That won't stand up to a concentrated assault. Here's how you do it." Voodoo gets into a fighting stance - feet shoulder-width apart, heels off the ground, the toe of his rear (right) foot in line with his front (left) foot, knees slightly bent, elbows bent to 45 degree angles and close to his body, fists up around his neck, and chin tucked down.

"See my feet? I'm staying on the balls because you want to be able to move fast, but you also want to be able to plant quickly to get off a kick if you need to. By tucking in my chin, I'm taking advantage of the protection my shoulders give me, and by bringing in my elbows, I can protect my ribs, but the most important thing about this is that you can't look scared. Fear to a bully is like blood to a shark - they can smell it miles away. And once they get a whiff, they want more."
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Voodoo nods. "Exactly. You want to look like something they can't handle. Don't go overboard, though, or it'll look...well, stupid." Voodoo gets down on one knee in front of Tyler, palms up and out.

"Okay. Let's see what we're working with here. Hit me."

The palms, not the face.
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What he lacks in size he sure makes up for in power. Voodoo grunts in approval and stands up.

"Okay, you pack a pretty good punch. The followup jab was good, too. You want to keep your opponent off-balance. Now say someone challenged you to a fight right here, right now. Where'd you hit them first?"
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Voodoo shakes his head. "Stomach's not gonna cut it. And even if they're taller than you, you can still take them down to the ground. All you gotta do is sweep their legs, give them a little push, and they'll fall right on their ass every time. It's real simple physics. Doesn't matter if they're bigger than you. From there, you can do almost anything you want."

"Now, if you weren't a civilian, I'd tell you to go for the head, because I guarantee you, a few solid hits to someone's noggin will leave them ringing. But since you're in school, you want to use as little force as you can get away with, otherwise you could get in serious trouble. What's really good in your situation are chokes. They don't usually leave marks, they're fast so long as you apply them right, and they're only crippling as long as you maintain pressure."

"There're two types of chokes - blood chokes and air chokes. Blood chokes cut off either the the jugular veins, the carotids on either side of your neck, or both. Air chokes cut off someone's air supply by compressing their upper airways. They're harder to apply and more painful, but I wouldn't worry about breaking anything. At your age, the hyoid bone's still pretty flexible."
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"Pain's a pretty good deterrent," Voodoo says. "But before we get to chokes, we'll need to work on blocks and counters. How good d'you think you are with those?"
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"That's a start," says Voodoo. "But you've gotta be aggressive, too. Don't be afraid to throw in a few punches of your own. You also wanna keep an eye on your surroundings to make sure you're not being backed into a corner or something."